All Over Albany: Voice Over/Audio Editing/Conceptual Video Editing

Text and voice over, written, recorded and edited by Duncan Crary for All Over Albany, where it first appeared. Duncan supplied the artist, Greg Matusic, with initial concepts — some of which he used, some he did not. Duncan provided input and feedback on video edits to Mary Darcy. Duncan also received input and feedback from editor Greg Dahlmann, the fourth member of this production team. (We had hoped for Cohoes Falls to be inserted in the background of the first slide and we would have loved for an additional slide dedicated to Solomon Northup, but the budget and time prevented us.)

Interview/Audio Editing/Conceptual Video Editing

Duncan interviewed digital artist david aloka ( a.k.a. David Allen), shot video footage, edited the audio and provided direction and conceptual edits to video editor Anasha Cummings, an independent contractor for Duncan Crary Communications. This client video is for the Troy Cultural Alliance.

Duncan set up this private performance at Troy Music Hall for his clients, Troy Cultural Alliance. Duncan filmed, directed, recorded audio and produced the video with editor Anasha Cummings, an independent contractor for Duncan Crary Communications.

Orion Magazine: Audio Slide Shows

Duncan was an independent contractor for Orion magazine for several years. For each issue, he hand-coded the kindle edition, published the online website edition, edited the podcast (multiple episodes per issue) and created audio slideshows for select articles featuring spoken word recordings of the contributing writers with still photography. Duncan would receive a rough audio interview from the managing editor, which could be up to one hour of conversation. He would also receive dozens of still photos, some which made the issue, others which did not. His task was to create an audio slideshow of no more than 5 mins. The two videos below are examples.

Tortuga Rising from Orion Magazine on Vimeo.

Books of Ice, by Basia Irland from Orion Magazine on Vimeo.

A Small American City Podcast: The Night Jack Quit Drinkin’

(Podcast interview, edit, production by Duncan)

Jack Casey. (Photo by

We all know that writers, the Irish, politics and booze go together…until they don’t. And eventually, Jack had all four strikes against him.


TROY, N.Y. — It’s been a long time since novelist Jack Casey had his last drink. But they say Troy stands for “Tell Right On You,” and some locals in this place still spin yarns about those wild days before this reformed bohemian novelist took the pledge. In this episode, we get the scoop straight from the source. Like many Trojan stories, this one was forged at the bar before it spilled onto the street to tangle with history, class warfare, politics, justice, celebrity and iron.

Back in the 1970s, Jack was tending bar at night and slinging copy for the newspaper by day. He had three pairs of pants and three shirts to his wardrobe. But he had dreams of making it as a novelist. And when the local newspaper agreed to let him publish his novel in serial, the doors started opening for him. Soon, he had a New York City agent, three paperbacks on the rack, a beautiful bride and a Victorian house on the hill. He got himself a law degree and was starting to make a name for himself in politics, too. Things were looking good.

We all know, however, that writers, the Irish, politics and booze go together…until they don’t. And eventually, Jack had all four strikes against him.

Content Warning: This episode contains some curse words.

(65 MB | 49:05)


Jack Casey is a novelist, musician, attorney and former New York State Senate parliamentarian. His books include A Parliament of Fowls, Kateri — Lily of the Mohawks, A Land Beyond the River, and The Trial of Bat Shea.


“Dunlop’s Saloon,” “Had Enough,” and “As the River Flows” by Jack Casey, from the soundtrack of The Trial of Bat Shea: A Play in Two Acts (released March 2, 2001. Troy Grit Productions)

Listen/Buy the Songs:
The Trial of Bat Shea Theater Music

The Trial Before Christmas: Full. Blown. Literary. Spectacle.

Duncan is co-creator, with author Jack Casey, of The Trial Before Christmas, a holiday mock trial in a real courthouse to determine who really wrote “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.” This live spectacle occurred two years in a row, 2013 & 2014, and plans are underway to re-try the case in 2017.  Duncan produced the six-camera video below with RPI TV.

Je Ne Sais Quoi: Video Production

Duncan served as communications director for the rogue (3rd party-only) At-Large City Council campaign of Anasha Cummings. It was a campaign unlike any other seen before in the Capital Region. Duncan conceptualized all videos, all campaign collateral (the beard masks), wrote song lyrics, filmed and co-edited the videos. For a great write up about these campaign videos, see: Troy’s fun robocall, by Kenneth C. Crowe II, Times Union, October 27, 2015.

So… did this craziness work? (See: “Troy Democrats announce City Council slate,” by Kenneth C. Crowe II, Times Union, May 17, 2017.