Press Releases

A press release is a formal "news tip" that is emailed, faxed and sometimes mailed to newsrooms.

Duncan Crary has issued scores of press releases that have resulted in positive stories in the professional media. That's because Duncan knows how to identify a newsworthy story and how to pitch it to the appropriate media outlet. Not all news stories are "hard news." Duncan also pitches features and business stories.

Duncan only writes and issues press releases with newsworthy stories to tell. He can write and issue press releases for local, regional and national broadcast, print and Internet media.

Call Duncan for a free consultation to determine if you have a story to pitch to the media.

The Process

  • Duncan will schedule a free phone or in-person consultation with potential clients to discuss their publicity needs, strategies and budget.
  • He will interview clients to obtain information and quotations for their press releases.
  • Clients receive a draft of their press release for input, clarifications and revisions.
  • Once the client is satisfied with his/her press release, Duncan will issue the release to the appropriate media outlets.
  • Duncan will consult clients on how to communicate their message effectively to reporters if they call.
  • After the release has been issued, Duncan will send a report detailing which media outlets were contacted when.
  • Duncan might contact select newsrooms by phone to follow up with editors and reporters on the client's behalf.
  • Many times clients will hear directly from reporters seeking more information for a story inspired by a press release. But sometimes the media produces short stories based directly on a press release without contacting the source for further information. Duncan will advise clients on how to spot those "newsbriefs" in the media.