Duncan Crary behind the mic


Podcasting is a form of broadcasting on-demand audio or video content through the Internet. People can listen to podcasts whenever they want, either by streaming the content on a website or downloading the program to their computer or portable media player (including but not limited to iPods).

People can also subscribe to a podcast, usually for free, and automatically receive the newest episode of their favorite podcast program when it becomes available.

Many podcasts are independently produced, Internet-only programs. But mainstream television and radio networks are also using podcast technology to rebroadcast their programs.

Duncan Crary has been producing audio and video podcasts for more than four years (which is a long time in the podcasting world). He has hosted two critically acclaimed podcast series, each with several thousand regular listeners. He has recorded face-to-face podcast interviews with more than a dozen celebrities, including Sir Salman Rushdie, E. O. Wilson, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Andy Rooney, Holly Near, Julia Sweeney and many others. He podcasts weekly with noted author James Howard Kunstler. (For samples of Duncan’s podcasts, click here.)

Duncan can work with clients to record, produce and distribute independent podcasts. He can help organizations record events. He can also help traditional broadcasters distribute their content through podcasting.

Here are some of the podcasting areas Duncan can help you with:

  • Demonstration of Podcasting Technology
  • Recommend Equipment, Software and Web Hosting Services
  • Training
  • Set up a Listener Comment Line
  • Podcast Production and Syndication
  • Advice on How to Secure, Conduct and Record Interviews
  • Recording Phone Calls