Barbara Kaiser

Jazz &… Webcast

A professional radio broadcaster, Barbara Kaiser hired Duncan Crary Communications to help her create and brodcast her program on the Internet. Barbara describes Jazz & … as “A wild mixed up mishmash of old and new jazz but only greats. Also any other thing I want to play, Tom Waits, The Beach Boys, etc. Because it’s my show!”

Click the player to the right to take a listen. Or visit Barbara’s webcast Station Page.

Podcasting vs. Webcasting

Brodcasting music on the Internet can be challenging if you want to play major record label music on your program. Duncan helped Barbara find an online service called that is specificialy geared to help Internet radio broadcasters play major record lable music legally. holds all the music licenses required so that broadcasters can play the music they love and the artists get paid the royalties they are due!

Webcasting is different than “podcasting” because listeners cannot download the program like a podcast (those are the current rules to keep those music industry folks happy). Instead, the 3-hour broadcast is streamed on a continuous 24-7 loop.

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