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Orvis Stocks Locally-Made Line of Soap for Dogs & People

Alana Sparrow's Junie B Love Expands from Online to Brick & Mortar

COHOES, N.Y. (03/05/15) -- Just months after launching an online store, Cohoes-based Junie B Love is breaking into the brick and mortar retail space with its "Dirty Dog Soap" and "Mountain Dog Soap."

The line of all-natural goat milk soaps, for both dogs and people, is custom made in the Rensselaer County Taconic mountains. The soap started appearing on the shelves at the flagship Orvis store in Manchester, Vt. on Feb. 25.

“This is exciting, to be expanding into physical brick and mortar retail,” said Alana Sparrow, owner of Junie B Love. “We are starting with the Manchester store. Then, as our company grows, we plan to expand into other Orvis stores that carry dog products.”

The soaps contain 100 percent raw liquid goat milk and use only essential oils and natural ingredients. There are no added colors, perfumes or fragrances.

As the owner of a Welsh Terrier, named Junebug, Sparrow wanted to create a soap that would be gentle on her dog’s sensitive skin as well as her own. But the special formula has other benefits for both dog and human as well.

“Natural soap lathers very well, but it also rinses in about half the time as regular dog shampoo,” Sparrow said. “Dogs love water and swimming, but I don’t think they particularly like the shower spray because they’re not in control. A quicker shower time creates a more pleasant bathing experience for dogs and those who wash them.”

The gentle soap is also ph balanced for sensitive human skin and a bar typically lasts longer than regular soap, she said.

In addition to the Manchester Orvis store, the soap is available for purchase online now at: www.junieblove.co

Established this winter, Junie B Love is an online marketplace, headquartered in Cohoes, N.Y., that features handmade, organic and recycled items for dogs and those who love them. (The name Junie B Love is an homage Sparrow’s dog, Junebug.)

All of the items for sale are repurposed and/or handcrafted in order to reduce post-consumer waste, advance reuse and provide a sustainable livelihood for artisans around the world. More than 300 items include: fashionable doggie scarves, leashes, collars, beds, jewelry and natural deer antler dog chews. Products are made around the country and in locations including the United Kingdom.

A portion of all sales on Junie B Love benefits the Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Services, a rescue service for lost Welsh Terriers.

“I like to describe our store as ‘Fine Fido ‘n Fem Freperie,’” Sparrow said. “In celebrating fashion, fun and the frivolous we are also connecting conscientious craft makers with conscientious customers.”


Alana Sparrow is a designer, artist and socially minded entrepreneur. She is an avid collector of vintage scarves, and a lover of dogs, with a particular fondness for Welsh Terriers.

Sparrow is also co-owner with her husband of The Foundry for Art Design + Culture a cultural enterprise in New York, that serves to inspire economic opportunities for individuals working in the creative sectors. The Foundry provides professional creative services including branding, print and web design, videography and photography, marketing, curatorial services and art leasing to corporate clients and works with artists and businesses to expand opportunities for creatives in order to fuel the creative economy.

For high resolution publicity images of “Dirty Dog Soap” and “Mountain Dog Soap,” Alana Sparrow and her Welsh Terrier Junebug, and more, visit: Junie B Love

For information visit: http://junieblove.co

Contact: Alana Sparrow