A Troy tea house and gallery will exhibit a series of enchanting paintings by French lovers this June.

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Troy’s Enchanté Exhibits Paintings by French Lovers

Opening Friday, June 13 at 6 p.m., Artists Travel From France to Troy

TROY, N.Y. (6/3/14) — A Troy tea house and gallery will exhibit a series of enchanting paintings by French lovers this June.

L'Un n' empêche pas l'Autre“L’Un n’ empêche pas l’Autre” (One does not exclude the Other) runs from June 13 through Aug. 31 at the Way Back Gallery in Enchanté Tea House, located at 169 River Street in downtown Troy. The exhibit features the collaborative paintings of Delphine Cossais and Mika, two very different professional painters in love. The couple will travel from their home in Nantes, France to attend the opening in Troy this June 13 at 6 p.m.

A native of France herself, gallery owner and curator Gladys Hirsch has been collecting works by Cossais, her friend, for many years.

“First, when she told me she was painting with her boyfriend I thought ‘How is this going to work?’ Because they have such different styles,” Hirsch said. “She’s very feminine, classic beauty. He’s very primitive — bright colors, thick features. He has an almost a tribal style.”

But the couple was committed to painting together, in spite of their seemingly incongruous artistic sensibilities. So they they put their canvases back to back, and set parameters to work within: a limited palate of colors, words and objects. The resulting paintings complimented each other so well, they evolved to painting together on the same canvas. Though they set out with an agreed upon theme in mind, such as a song lyric, each artist would contribute their own interpretation to that theme with feelings, sounds and colors. And the results are stunning: colorful, playful, intriguing.

“This show is so unique — if you talk to any artists working together it’s so hard because you come from such a different place and in your head you have so many ideas, but there’s the other you have to make room for,” Hirsch said. “There’s a certain artistic ego. You have to compromise and it’s hard to compromise in art and still get your artistic vision across.”

Somehow Cossais and Mika manage to make room for each other artistically, in a true celebration of their love story, Hirsch said.


Delphine Cossais, 42, was born in Paris, France. The world she creates through painting is extremely feminine and full of intricate patterns, rich texture, subtle hues and dreamy girls in poetic settings. Her imaginary characters have captivating expressions, intense glances, yet always soft and tender, reflecting the soft-hearted painter that she is. Her website is:

Mika, 40, was born in Pas-de-Calais, France. He first trained himself drawing landscapes and portraits. The world he creates through his art is inspired by both punk music and French poetry. His work is spontaneous and naive. In the course of his experimentations, as a self-taught artist, Mika confirms his style playing with shapes to build his characters and combining vivid colors to give them cheerfulness and spirit to his everyday life scene. He relishes mixing colors and shapes in a fantastically unbridled production full of energy.


The Way Back Gallery and Enchanté Tea House are located at 169 River Street, a rehabbed 19th century historic warehouse in downtown Troy. Hours are: Friday nights 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and by appointment or chance.

The gallery is dedicated to one artist at a time, with rotating exhibitions every two months. The front of the house is a boutique, featuring more artworks and tea. Enchante offers its own line of 12 blends of tea, crafted exclusively by a tea master in Massachusetts.

“This is an art gallery where you can drink tea,” said Hirsch. “I have 12 blends of tea and that is the height of my ambition. I don’t want to try to compete with any restaurant or tea place in Troy. But if you want to have a cup of tea with me and talk about art, OK I’m here.”

Hirsch said she usually only books artists she knows and has a relationship with, because that allows her to speak knowledgeably about their art when they’re not present.

“People are very interested in the narrative behind the artwork, anecdotes. They feel more connected to the piece that way,” Hirsch said. “I don’t think I can sell art if I don’t know the artist. So if you’d like to show your work in this space, come here, hang out with me and we can become friends. Then I can sell you.”

Enchanté and the Way Back Gallery are also host to the monthly “Between The Lines” open mic poetry night on the second Friday of each month (except for gallery openings).

Though the charming gallery and tea house have been open for several years, Hirsch said it’s remained one of the best kept secrets in downtown Troy because of its limited hours and location. But that’s all about to change.

“I used to say I’m the last post on the street, because most people just didn’t seem to walk past State Street,” Hirsch said. “But it’s very exciting to have all this business opening across the street at River Street Lofts.”


Hirsch owns 169 River Street with her husband Robert Hirsch. The 10,000 square-foot building is for sale for and includes a street level storefront space, two basement spaces, a 2,000 square foot loft and a duplex, all overlooking the Hudson River. For the listing and images, visit:

“As much as I enjoy doing this, the building is for sale,” Hirsch said. “I can always find another space in this city to run the gallery.”

Hirsch lives with her husband and two children, age 5 and 7, on First Street. They moved to Troy in 2004 and are self-described “Troy lovers.”


For high resolution images of artwork by Delphine Coassis and Mika, the Enchante/Way Back Gallery and of 169 River Street, visit:


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Contact: Gladys Hirsch (518) 461-6813