"Evolving out of Eden: Christian Responses to Evolution" (Tellectual Press, March 2013) is co-authored by biblical scholar Robert M. Price and Edwin A. Suominen.

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Fundamentalist Loses Christian Faith While Writing Book on Evolution

“Evolving out of Eden” Refutes All Attempts to Reconcile “Theistic Evolution” with Science

VALLEY, Wash. (05/29/13) — A new book by two ex-Christians argues that Christian theology and evolutionary science cannot be reconciled, no matter how sincere the attempt.

Evolving out of Eden by Robert M. Price and Edwin A. Suominen “Evolving out of Eden: Christian Responses to Evolution” (Tellectual Press, March 2013) is co-authored by biblical scholar Robert M. Price and Edwin A. Suominen.

“When we first started on this book, I was a struggling Christian,” Suominen said. “I had accepted the reality of evolution, but could not see a way to resolve the conflict between science and my inherited faith. And now that the last page is written, I know that there isn’t one.”

The book began as a collaboration between Robert M. Price, a biblical scholar and atheist, and Suominen, who was a believing Christian at the start. Both accepted the reality of evolution, and agreed to research its theological implications and the various ways that Christian writers have tried to smooth over the conflict between science and faith.

“There are a lot of books and web sites that try to reassure the faithful that they can safely disregard or reinterpret scientific findings,” Suominen said. “But it just doesn’t work. Genetics is real, and Genesis isn’t. It pained me to finally acknowledge this, but there is no deliberate design of humans or any other forms of life.”

While the authors themselves no longer consider themselves religious, they are not anti-religious and both hold a great deal of respect and affection for religion, Christianity, the Bible and Christian theology.

“After 40 years in fundamentalist Christianity, I’m not ready to call myself an atheist,” Suominen said. “But after co-authoring this book, I can’t see where there’s any room for a god.”

“Evolving out of Eden” begins by providing a crash course in evolutionary theory, as understood and explained by leading scientists in the field. Next, the book delves into the vast history of biblical creation stories and explains how they came to be and what they meant to their writers. The authors, Price and Suominen, explain how Christians through the centuries have interpreted and re-interpreted these stories in order to make them fit with an ever-expanding scientific knowledge. Religion originally provided the explanations, they note, but now it is what requires so much explaining. And they illustrate how these attempts to combine science with Creationism have always failed.

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Tom Flynn, editor of Free Inquiry magazine, calls “Evolving out of Eden” an “unprecedented … joint effort by a theologian and a highly accomplished engineer, both former Christian believers,” to analyze and develop “the theology and the science behind more than a century of Christian responses to the challenge posed by Darwinian evolution.”


Robert M. Price holds a PhD in systematic theology from Drew University (1981) and a PhD in New Testament from Drew (1993). He is the author of over a dozen books and his own New Testament translation. He occasionally attends Episcopalian services where he sings, enjoys the stained glass, and keeps his mouth shut.

Edwin Suominen holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington (1995), where his senior project wound up being the subject of fourteen U.S. patents, among several others he holds. He has retired from practice as a registered patent agent to write books rather than patents. Before writing this book, he devoted a year of personal study about evolutionary science and its intersection with theology.


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