Edgy political satire by retired New York State Senate parliamentarian pokes fun at 2009 state political coup in e-book

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Jack Casey’s “A Parliament of Fowls” Flies the Coup

Edgy political satire by retired New York State Senate parliamentarian
pokes fun at 2009 state political coup in e-book

ALBANY (09/27/12) — A former New York State Senate parliamentarian, R-Troy, published a novel this week reliving the infamous 2009 senate “coup” that brought state government to a standstill.

A Parliament of Fowls CoverJack Casey’s “A Parliament of Fowls” (StoneGate Ink, Sept. 2012) is available in Kindle, Nook and other e-book formats now. A paperback edition will be released in two weeks.

“Three years ago, the Republicans welcomed two Democratic senators into their conference. Both have since been convicted of crimes,” Casey said. “The Grand Old Party wanted to get back its majority which it lost during the ’08 Obama landslide. Instead, the Senate degenerated into a sideshow.”

It’s always better to laugh than cry, Casey said, so the novelist-turned-politico returned to writing to squeeze these events for laughs (his fictional state Senators are named after birds, i.e. Martin Luther Crowe and Jesus Paloma). He wrote “A Parliament of Fowls” to let readers draw their own conclusions.

Casey begins his satire on election night, 2008. The Democrats take over, but a racial power struggle brews in the party between African-Americans and Hispanics. After five months of contention, two Hispanics join the Republicans and flip power back, 32-30 the other way.

Seeing the opportunity to get his old job back, Republican Parliamentarian Christopher Sparrow springs into action. He skillfully scripts the takeover. And on the big day he dupes his love interest, foxy journal clerk Robin Kennedy, to read the resolution and bring it before the house. For one brief shining moment he ascends to his old post… then all hell breaks loose.

“We learned a lot of lessons during the five weeks of the coup,” Casey said of the real senate coup that inspired his novel. “It became apparent why we seek power, what we will do to get and keep it, how much the media tries to influence who wins and who loses. I raise a lot of these serious questions by exaggerating and lampooning them in the novel. The ‘coup’ was one of the wilder experiences of my life — news conferences and new lawsuits popping off every hour. I hope we can laugh at ourselves and even pull positive messages out of it now, with some distance. I hope it teaches us enough so the coup is never repeated.”

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