The creators of a new home-farming system say their "Aquaponics" technique is the world's most sustainable and affordable food production method.

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Aquaponics is Revolutionizing Sustainable Home Farming

HONOKA’A, Hawaii (02/17/2010) — The creators of a new home-farming system say their “Aquaponics” technique is the world’s most sustainable and affordable food production method.

The new Do-it-yourself “MicroSystem” by Friendly Aquaponics costs less than $500 to build and can grow between 20-40 pounds of fruits and vegetables per month, while using a fraction of the time, space, energy and water of in-the-ground gardening. The system comes with detailed instructions and plans. Training courses are available.

“Our MicroSystem helps anyone step onto the path of food freedom,” said Tim Mann, co-founder of Friendly Aquaponics. “It will pay for itself in just three months with the money saved in store-bought groceries. You could even make money by selling your extra produce!”

Aquaponics is the combination of Aquaculture (growing aquatic life like fish and prawns) and hydroponics (growing plants in water). By combining these technologies the Friendly Aquaponics way, users create a vibrant natural ecosystem that will easily grow an abundance of food.

Friendly Aquaponics is the world’s first certified organic aquaponics farm, located on the Island of Hawaii. The group has created dozens of innovations to simplify and refine aquaponics so that just about anyone can grow safe, nutritious, and delicious food just about anywhere in the world.

Friendly Aquaponics is also a functioning family-run farm with a long-term contract delivering hundreds of pounds of organic lettuce to their local Costco every week, and it all sells out within hours.

“We want to feed our neighbors and teach folks everywhere how they can do the same thing, too,” said Susanne Friend, owner.

The Friendly Aquaponics team developed their MicroSystem and instructional courses after their farm became overwhelmed by visitors seeking tours of the facilities and asking for more information.

Already, hundreds of students from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin American, Japan and China have studied auquaponic farming techniques at the Hawaii headquarters of Friendly Aquaponics. The group also offers private consultations and training materials by postal mail or Internet download.

The next commercial training will be offered in April 19-22, and is expected to sell out well in advance.

For information about Friendly Aquaponics, to purchase the MicroSystem, or to inquire about training sessions, visit:

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