"Celery" is an easy-to-use service that lets grandparents send and receive email without using a computer or the Internet.

Contact: Neil Grabowsky, 518-833-6807

“Celery” Keeps Non-Computer Users in the Tech Loop

TROY, NY (Dec. 2, 2009 ) — “Celery” is an easy-to-use service that lets grandparents send and receive email without using a computer or the Internet.

Celery Sends and Receives Emails By Fax

“We all know at least one person who does not use a computer or the Internet,” said Neil Grabowsky, CEO of Celery, LLC. “They feel left out, and we feel guilty for not including them. Our service acts as a go-between for non-computer users and their tech-savvy loved ones so that everyone can be included in email, using technology they’re comfortable with.”

Celery can turn any fax machine into an email machine. The service automatically prints incoming emails and photo attachments in high quality color. Outgoing handwritten messages are instantly converted into PDF and sent as email. Celery users simply write an email address or a nickname at the top of their handwritten or typed message and the service takes care of the rest. Celery sends and receives messages almost instantly, just like email.

“I still enjoy getting handwritten letters and those hometown newspaper clippings from my father. I just never had time to reply with snail mail,” Grabowsky said. “Celery delivers those long-form letters and clippings directly to my email inbox. To respond, all I have to do is reply to the message just like I would with any email.”

Celery can also be used to read blog posts, Twitter messages and facebook status updates without ever going online or using a computer. There is one octogenarian using her Celery machine to post handwritten “tweets” to her own Twitter feed!

“Celery is a great gift for your entire family. When you give Celery to a non-computer user, you are opening up a whole new world of communication for them,” Grabowsky said. “You are also making that non-computer user accessible to all of their friends and family who are already online.”

Founded in 2006 in Troy, N.Y, Celery currently serves customers in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Service plans start at $8.98 per month. For those who don’t already own a fax machine, Celery will provide a customized Lexmark X5070 fax machine for a one-time fee of $119. During the holidays, the price of the Lexmark machine will be reduced to $89.00.

Celery can be purchased online at or by phone at 1-866-MY-CELERY.

Technical Specs for Celery:

  • No Internet access required
  • Shares single phone line
  • No special software required
  • Can email any printed document
  • Auto-prints incoming email and high-quality color photos in real-time
  • Makes color copies
  • Sends and receives regular faxes
  • Spam control guarantee
  • Customers can set “Do Not Disturb” hours
  • Automatically receives messages if answering machine present
  • Vacation mode stores messages over extended periods
  • Celery can receive and print text, HTML based email messages, and JPEG, RTF, GIF, PNG, TIFF or PDF email attachments
  • Supports RSS feeds: blogs, Twitter and facebook
  • 30-day risk free guarantee

Note to reporters: Celery has many customers across the country who are willing to be interviewed about their experience. Please contact Celery for assistance locating sources in your area.

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Contact Neil Grabowsky at (518) 833-6807.