'e ko logic, the designer of high fashion recycled cashmere clothing, will host an open studio during Troy's Victorian Stroll, this Dec. 6, from noon to 5 p.m.

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Troy Designer Was Making Green Fashion Before Green Was Fashionable

TROY, N.Y. (Nov. 24, 2009) — ‘e ko logic, the designer of high fashion recycled cashmere clothing, will host an open studio during Troy’s Victorian Stroll, this Dec. 6, from noon to 5 p.m.

“We love inviting people into our beautiful space in Troy so they can meet us and see how our clothing is made,” said Kathleen Tesnakis, ‘e ko logic founder and designer. “Most people don’t know where their clothing was manufactured. Buying directly from the designer is a meaningful way to shop for clothes.”

‘e ko logic is a husband-and-wife team that uses recycled cashmere and post-consumer fabric to create one-of-a-kind hats, scarves and sweaters for men and women. They also make cashmere dresses and skirts.

e ko logic apparelEvery item made by ‘e ko logic is unique because of the way Tesnakis gathers her materials and assembles them. First, she hunts for discarded cashmere sweaters and other clothing treasures. Next, she dismantles each piece of clothing, taking time to recognize its character and individual beauty. Finally, she transforms the material by joining it with other pieces to give an old garment a new life and purpose.

“There is a little magic and a lot of love in each piece we construct,” Tesnakis said. “We can’t request our palette. We use what we find.”

‘e ko logic clothing is sold around the world, from New York to Japan, and is sought-after by the eco-conscious and fashion-conscious alike. Even a few celebrities are sporting the Made-in-Troy clothing. Lee Ranaldo, of the iconic rock band Sonic Youth, was recently photographed for the national music magazine “Blurt” wearing apparel by ‘e ko logic.

Not every piece of ‘e ko logic clothing makes it into the limelight, but many items continue to have adventures of their own. One ‘e ko logic hat traveled the world on the head of a monk, and two hats met while stationed in Antarctica. Just recently, Tesnakis  received a call from a woman who wanted to replace an ‘e ko logic hat that had been stolen off her husband’s head by an owl.

“Somewhere in Washington State there is an owl with a very comfortable cashmere nest,” Tesnakis said.  “I’m glad our clothing was recycled.”

At ‘e ko logic, recycling extends beyond the clothing. The century-old building where ‘e ko logic is headquartered, at 444 River Street, was originally used to recycle left-over textile scraps from the Troy collar and cuff industry, turning “batts” and “shoddys” into things like pillows.

“A hundred years later, we’re still doing the same thing in this building,” Tesnakis said. “We were making fashionable ‘green’ clothing before ‘green’ was in fashion. And we’re proud to be located in a city that was known for making clothes and reusing textiles.”

After the Victorian Stroll in Troy, ‘e ko logic will be selling a special line of apparel at the Chelsea Market JINGLE in Manhattan, from Dec. 10 to Dec. 23. But visitors at their Troy Open Studio will have a sneak preview and the chance to buy those items before their New York City debut.

‘e ko logic accessories cost from $72 to $120. Clothing ranges in price from $242 to $570. Credit cards are accepted at the studio and online.

“My motto for this year has been: be revolutionary, act intentionally,” Tesnakis said. “When people support creative businesses like ‘e ko logic, they are empowering themselves. Because we have the ability to enrich our community by making conscious choices about where we shop.”

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