A service called Celery lets computer-shy elders Twitter with handwritten notes on paper.

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Celery Bridges Technology Gap Between Generations

TROY, N.Y., (8/03/09) — A service called Celery lets computer-shy seniors Twitter with handwritten notes on paper.

“We all have at least one older person in our life who just doesn’t use computers. It can be as difficult for them to stay in touch with us as it is for us to stay in touch with them,” said Neil Grabowsky, founder and CEO of Troy, N.Y.-based Celery, LLC. “Our service acts as a go-between for non-computer users and their tech-savvy friends and loved ones.”

Celery works with any fax machine, which customers use to send and receive email, facebook and Twitter messages. They can even receive blog posts without ever going online or using a computer.

Celery converts handwritten outgoing messages into email, Facebook status updates, or tweets. Incoming messages or photographs are faxed to Celery clients in real time or according to a predetermined schedule.

“I never nag my kids to ‘call your mother’ anymore, because I hear from them all the time,” said Carol, a 70-year-old Celery customer in upstate New York.

Founded in 2006, Celery currently serves customers in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. Service plans start at $8.98 per month. For those who don’t already own a fax machine, Celery will provide a customized Lexmark X5070 fax machine for a one-time fee of $119.

“Our mission is to bridge the technology gap,” Grabowsky said. “We added Twitter capabilities to Celery this June when it became clear to us that our customers could benefit from being able to send and receive tweets. Twitter is so popular now, we didn’t want our customers to be left out.”

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