Dutch Apple Riverboat Commute to Work Day

We Shall Commute Again!

The May 13 Dutch Apple Riverboat Commute to Work day was a success. We transported about 25 commuters to and from work during the day. And about 40 joy riders joined us for the evening cruise.

Be sure to check out some of the videos, photographs and articles about the cruise to see all the fun you missed.

We have decided our maiden voyage was successful enough to do it at least one more time this summer. (The date is To Be Announced.) Right now we are seeking corporate sponsors for the next commuter cruise. If you are interested in sponsoring the next riverboat commute to work, or if you are interested in catching the next commuter cruise, email Duncan at [email protected] or call 518-274-2723.

About this Event

Duncan Crary Communications has partnered with Dutch Apple Cruises to host a special day where Capital Region residents can commute to and from work in Albany or Troy (in either direction) on board the Dutch Apple.

In honor of the Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial, this event will recreate the 19th and early 20th Century experience of commuting between these two cities by Hudson River passenger boat.

Additional support for this event comes from the Hudson River Valley Greenway.

Passengers will receive complimentary Times Union newspapers, coffee and bagels on the morning cruise. The after-work cruise will feature live music by the Clarinet Marmalade (a trio of members from the Skip Parsons Riverboat Jazz Band), complimentary finger foods and a cash bar.

Trolley service will be available in Albany to shuttle passengers to select downtown locations, courtesy of The Albany Aqua Ducks & Trolleys.

The cruise will take approximately 40 minutes one way. Please board early.

Help Spread the Word

Please download a flyer and hang it up in your office, business or community bulletin board:

Download Flyer PDF (7.5 MB) | Download Flyer Word Doc (4.6 MB)

Troy Proclamation

Albany Proclamation

Below you will find maps to show you how to drive, walk and take the bus to the Dutch Apple boarding locations in downtown Albany and Troy.

Click to View Driving Directions Click to View Walking Maps Click to View Bus Maps

Passengers on the Dutch Apple Hudson Riverboat Commute will receive a commemorative booklet featuring historical photographs, important information, and original essays by Saratoga author James Howard Kunstler, Troy novelist Jack Casey and steamboat historian Donald W. Eberle.

Also included in the booklet are display advertisements from the the local businesses and nonprofits that provided sponsorships for this event.

Click Here to view the passenger booklet as a PDF (10 MB).

In the News

Media coverage about the Dutch Apple Hudson River Commuter Cruise.

In addition to the links below, the following media outlets reported on our event: WRGB CBS 6, WNYT News Channel 13, WTEN News 10, PYX 106.

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The KunstlerCast: "Episode #61: Getting to Work" - April 23, 2009 (Duncan talks with author James Howard Kunstler about the commuter cruise.)

For Immediate Release

April 23, 2009
Contact: Duncan Crary 518-274-2723


Dutch Apple Commuter Cruise Re-creates Steamboat Travel in Capital Region

ALBANY, N.Y. – On May 13, riverboat commuter service between Albany and Troy will return to the Capital Region for one special day.

Duncan Crary Communications of Troy has partnered with Dutch Apple Cruises of Albany to host one day of Hudson River commuter service to and from work in Albany and Troy. Commuters may ride the Dutch Apple to Albany or Troy in either direction before and after work.

"Commuting by water is one of the best ways to get to work," said Duncan Crary, who made local and national headlines in 2007 for canoeing to work in Albany. "This event will demonstrate that the journey from point A to point B can and should be a rewarding experience -- and an adventure, too!"

The morning cruise will leave Albany at 6:45 a.m. and arrive in Troy at 7:25 a.m. The boat will leave Troy at 7:40 a.m. and arrive back in Albany at 8:30 a.m. Morning passengers will receive complimentary Times Union newspapers, coffee and bagels. Trolley shuttle service to select downtown locations will be provided to passengers by the City of Troy and the Albany Aqua Ducks.

The after-work cruise will depart Albany at 5:25 p.m. and arrive in Troy at 6:05 p.m. The boat will leave Troy at 6:30 p.m. and arrive back in Albany at 7:10 p.m. The after-work cruise will feature complimentary finger foods, a cash bar and live music by the Clarinet Marmalade (a trio of members from the Skip Parsons Riverboat Jazz Band).

Tickets cost $25 round-trip and $15 one-way. Pleasure passengers are welcome on the morning and after-work cruises, but must board in Albany for a round-trip.

Cruising time between cities will take about 40 minutes, with time for passengers to get off and board in Troy.

"This is going to be a nice, slow, beautiful ride to work," said Capt. Lou Renna, owner of the Dutch Apple. "People are going to get to work in a different way, without the hustle and bustle of speeding down 787. I think it will be very relaxing."

Additional support for this event includes a $500 mini grant from The Hudson River Valley Greenway.

"Communities throughout the valley are once again looking to use the river to solve modern problems -- to get people out of their cars and into more sustainable modes of transportation," said Mark Castiglione, acting executive director of the Hudson River Valley Greenway.

"If we have enough passengers, we could take 100 cars off the road," Renna said. "That would make this a 'green' commute.

Though the Dutch Apple is not powered by steam, this event will recreate the 19th and early 20th century experience of Hudson River steamboat travel. Steamboats provided regular passenger service to and from Albany starting with Robert Fulton's first steamboat voyage in 1807 and lasting until 1948. Some area residents, like Skip Parsons, remember riding the Albany steamboats in their youth.

"My mother's family lived in Hudson and we went there by steamboat. But only a couple of times," said Parsons. "I had not realized at the time how exciting it must have been. I guess we thought it would always be a part of life."

If this May 13 event proves successful and profitable, Renna said the Dutch Apple might offer more commuter days in the future.

Duncan Crary Communications has created a website with information about the cruise and a discussion forum where visitors can hookup with carpoolers and share their river commuting stories.

To purchase tickets, call the Dutch Apple at 518-463-0220.

For information, call Duncan Crary at 518-274-2723 or email [email protected].

Note: Complimentary media passes are available to those covering this event.

1Where does the boat board and let off?
In Albany, passengers will board and get off at the corner of Quay Street & Broadway. (The location is kind of tricky area where Madison Avenue becomes Broadway, and where Quay Street becomes Broadway.) The Dutch Apple is docked just below the U.S.S. Slater. In Troy, passengers will board and get off at the Green Island Gateway Bridge (just north of the former Fresno's, almost underneath the Green Island Bridge). Please check out the maps section of this website, for walking, driving and bus maps.
2What happens if it rains?
The cruise will go on, rain or shine. Although we hope it will be a sunny day, the Dutch Apple has indoor and covered areas where you can keep dry. Passengers waiting for the boat in Troy can keep dry underneath the Green Island Bridge.
3How many trips does the boat make?
The Dutch Apple will make two round trips during the day. It will leave from Albany both times, in the morning and in the evening. The boat will stop in Troy to drop off and pick up passengers in the morning and evening. The boat then heads back to Albany. You can ride the boat into one city in the morning and return to the same city after work. Or you can board in Albany for a round-trip pleasure cruise up to Troy and back. The after-work cruise is perfect for people who just want to go on a boat ride after a long day at work!
4How do I get home?
In the morning, the Dutch Apple will make a round-trip journey from Albany to Troy and back to Albany. In the evening, the Dutch Apple will make the same round-trip journey from Albany to Troy and back to Albany. Passengers may board the boat in Albany or in Troy. That means you can ride the boat one-way in the morning and the other way in the evening. Please be aware of boarding times.
5How long is the ride?
The journey between Albany and Troy should take approximately 40 minutes. For pleasure passengers on a round-trip, the total cruise should last about 2 hours and 15 minutes, with time for docking and boarding in Troy.
6Can I ride the boat if I'm not commuting?
Yes. Pleasure passengers can board in Albany and take a round-trip cruise up to Troy and back during the morning or evening cruise. Please specify that you are purchasing a round-trip pleasure cruise ticket. The after-work cruise is an excellent opportunity for a pleasure cruise.
7Why is it such a long day for Albany to Troy commuters?
If you want to commute from Albany to Troy in the morning and return to Albany in the evening, you'll have a very long day. Because there are more office jobs in Albany, we assume that most people will be commuting from Troy to Albany. Therefore the boat needs to leave Albany very early in the morning in order to pick up passengers in Troy and bring them to Albany in time for work. You can still experience the commuting fun and avoid the long day by purchasing a one-way ticket and making other arrangements to get to work or home from work.
8Why are you selling one-way tickets?
The Troy to Albany commuters have it easy. Unfortunately, those who live in Albany and commute to Troy will have a long day if they want to commute to and from work on the boat. For those who can't spend the time it takes to commute both ways, you can ride the boat one-way for your morning or after-work commute and do the other leg of your journey by other means (bus, cab, carpool, etc.) You can also ride the boat into Albany or Troy to meet up with your friends in the evening. Now that's arriving in style. You could hitch a ride home with a friend, call a cab or take the bus.
9Can I purchase a ticket on the day of the cruise?
You are advised to purchase your tickets in advance. However, depending on availability, you may be able to purchase tickets on the day of the cruise. Try calling a few hours ahead if you decide you want to catch the boat on day of the cruise: 518-463-0220. Or you can test your luck and try to puchase a ticket at the boarding locations, but you might miss the boat!
10Is there parking?
We encourage those who can to walk, take the bus, or take a taxi to your boarding location. Those who must drive, please try to carpool with other passengers. The Dutch Apple has a parking lot for passengers in Albany. Contact the City of Troy to purchase a day parking pass 518-270-4661.
11Can I take my bicycle on the boat?
At your own risk you can ride your bike to the boat and lock it up for the day. If enough people are interested, an organization might be willing to shuttle bicycles to either end of the cruise.
12Can I take this cruise to work if I don't live in either Downtown Troy or Downtown Albany?
Sure you can! Just drive in or hitch a ride to either Downtown Albany or Downtown Troy and hop on the boat. Please note that parking will be limited in Downtown Troy. And keep an eye on when Angelina Jolie will be filiming her movie in town as portions of I-787 may be closed.
13What happens if I miss the boat?
Unfortunately if you miss the boat, you may have to call a friend or a taxi to bring you to where you're going. You can also catch one of many CDTA busses. Round-trip commuter passengers can still catch the boat home in the evening if they miss the boat in the morning.
14Why do tickets cost $25 Round-Trip and $15 One Way?
These cruises include several special extras. The morning cruise features complimentary newspapers, coffee and a light breakfast offering (probably bagels). The evening cruise will feature live music by the Clarinet Marmalade (a trio of members from the Skip Parsons Riverboat Jazz Band), complimentary finger foods, and a cash bar. Trolley shuttle service to select destinations will be available in both downtown Troy and Albany. Those extras add up! But they're worth it.
15What other days are you offering Dutch Apple commuter service?
For now, the Dutch Apple Hudson River Commute is a one-day-only event in honor of the Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial. If this event is successful and profitable, we may see more commuter days in the future. But we have to pack the boat this time, first.
16How can I become a sponsor of this event?
There are several ways you can sponsor this event. For $5 you can have your name and company name listed as a sponsor in the passenger booklet. For larger sponsorship amounts, you can purchase a display ad in the passenger booklet. Display ads sell for $15 (1/3 page), $25 (2/3 page) $40 (full page) $70 (2 page spread). To sponsor this event, email [email protected] or call 518-274-2723. For more information, click here.
17I've heard of the Dutch Apple, but what is Duncan Crary Communications?
Duncan Crary Communications is a small publicity, communications an event planning consulting business based in Troy. Learn more about Duncan Crary and his consulting business at DuncanCrary.com.

Ticket Prices

$25 Round-Trip | $15 One-way

Notes: Please specify if you have any special needs when purchasing tickets.

  • Round-trip commuters, please indicate the city in which you will board in the morning.
  • One-way passengers, please indicate the city in which you will board and the time (morning or evening).
  • Round-trip pleasure passengers may purchase tickets for the morning or evening cruise, but must board in Albany. Please specify that you are a pleasure passenger when purchasing tickets.

Purchase Tickets

Dutch Apple Cruises, INC.
139 Broadway
Albany, NY 12202

For specific questions about this cruise, contact:
Duncan Crary Communications
[email protected]

Departure Times:

Albany to Troy (morning) Troy to Albany (morning)
6:25 a.m. Begin Boarding 7:30 a.m. Begin Boarding
6:45 a.m. Depart Albany 7:50 a.m. Depart Troy
7:25 am. Arrive in Troy 8:30 a.m. Arrive Albany
Troy to Albany (evening) Albany to Troy (evening)
6:10 p.m. Begin Boarding 5:00 p.m. Begin Boarding
6:30 p.m. Depart Troy 5:25 p.m. Depart Albany
7:10 p.m. Arrive Albany 6:05 p.m. Arrive Troy

Remember you can catch us at the boat in the morning either at the Dutch Apple in Albany (next to the U.S. Slater) or in Troy under the Green Island Bridge. Call the Dutch Apple office to reserve your spot on the after-work cruise or take your chances at boarding time. It's a nice day, so a lot of folks might have the same idea as you!