Recession Spurs Home Tile Projects in Capital Region

As the recession prompts people to stay in more, Albany Tile is seeing an increased interest in home improvement projects.

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Feb. 9, 2009

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Albany Tile: Fix Up That Kitchen Now That You’re Eating in More

ALBANY, N.Y. – As the recession prompts people to stay in more, one area business is seeing an increased interest in home improvement.

“People are spending more time at home, and that’s motivating them to make their homes as nice as possible,” said Sarah Carpenter, co-owner of Albany Tile, an area retailer specializing in ceramic tile and stone.

“The kitchen is one of the rooms where people spend the majority of their time while at home. So you want your kitchen to be a warm, comfortable place, especially now that we’re all eating out less.”

Carpenter says tiles are the ideal material to spruce up kitchens, bathrooms and entryways because they are attractive, durable and easy to maintain.

“Tiles don’t stain, and they are very easy to clean, which is important for busy families with children and pets,” Carpenter said. “If you tile from the mudroom to the kitchen, you can keep your shoes on and clean up later, which is really convenient in the winter.”

Porcelain and glass tiles are impervious, so they help prevent the spread of bacteria. Environmentally conscious homeowners also find tiles appealing because they are made from organic or recycled materials and many tile manufacturers now have green certifications for their products.

With the recent downturn in the economy, many Americans have put off buying a new or second home.  As a result, they have become ever more focused on improving the ambience of their primary home.  Albany Tile offers a huge selection of unique artisan and handcrafted tiles that offer an affordable way to enhance the attractiveness of a home’s interior and, with that, the home’s resale value.

“The new home market isn’t doing well. But we’re seeing a lot of clients who are excited to upgrade the homes that they have,” Carpenter said. “Tiles are a great investment to make in your quality of life. They are a functional way to bring the style and aesthetics of your home into the 21st century.”

Albany Tile is a 77-year-old, family business located at 452 North Pearl Street, in North Albany. This year, Albany Tile opened a newly renovated 5,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art showroom. Albany Tile offers a huge selection of ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal and stone tile, with more than 2,500 samples displayed in its North Albany showroom.

While Albany Tile’s selection does include budget offerings like those seen in the big-box stores, its selection goes much deeper and farther afield. All of the Albany Tile design consultants hold degrees in interior design or art and are eager to help their clients achieve their visions.

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