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March 15, 2014


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“Being Ginger” Documentary to Show in Troy

League of Extraordinary Red Heads Hosts Filmmaker Scott Harris

April 2, 6:20 p.m. to 7:40 p.m.
@ The Arts Center of the Capital Region

TROY, N.Y. (03/14/14) — Filmmaker Scott Harris will present his documentary about life as a red head looking for love this April 2 in Troy.

'Being Ginger' Movie PosterHumorous and heartfelt, “Being Ginger” follows the trials and tribulations that Harris, 33, has endured in the dating world as a red haired American living in Edinburgh, Scotland, “the redhead capital of the world.”

“Having bright orange hair makes you stick out, and when you are a kid the last thing you want is to stick out,” said Harris. “I’m fairly well adjusted now that I’m an adult, but people still say random things to me about my hair all the time, and some of it’s shocking.”

One of Harris’ personal challenges is overcoming a general perception that fair skinned red haired males are less attractive than other types of men. During one of the more outrageous scenes in his film, Harris interviews a young Scottish woman on the street who openly shares her unflattering thoughts about red haired men. “You’re like an orangutan,” says the woman, who has dyed blond hair. “You’re not just ginger, you’re like the joke ginger.”

To attract a woman, she advises him to remove as much of his red hair as possible to “try and limit the ginger to be as ginger-less as possible.” She also recommends he stick to dating red haired women to “keep the genetics together ‚Ķjust keep ginger on ginger and not on other people.” The cavalier exchange is as funny as it is shocking. Harris handles it with calm bemusement on camera.


Though the movie offers many rarely seen glimpses into the peculiarities of life as a redhead — one of the smallest segments of the human population, at around 2 percent — its true intent is to speak to a universal audience.

“I’ve used dating as a subject in the film because the quest for love is something that everyone can relate to,” Harris said. “It might be more accurate to say that the film is about the quest to be accepted. This is a film for anyone who has ever felt different, for any reason. In my case, it just happens to be the color of my hair that sets me apart, and the way people treat me because of it.”

The 69-minute film will be screened in the black box theater at The Arts Center of the Capital Region, located at 265 River St, in downtown Troy, N.Y. Afterwards, Harris will answer questions from the audience before joining The League of Extraordinary Red Heads for a free after party open to the public, 21 and over, at Lucas Confectionery wine bar, located at 12 Second Street. The post screening party will feature a red wine special and a hard apple cider seasoned with ginger, made by Albany-based Nine Pin Cider Works (“Jonagold Ginger” made by fermenting Jonagold apples with ginger).


Tickets are $10 ($11.34 w/service fee) and can be purchased online at: or at the Arts Center just prior to the screening. One hundred tickets will be available for the 6:20 p.m. showing.

For information call Duncan Crary at 518-274-2723 or


League of Extraordinary Red Heads LogoHarris, an Austin Texas native now living in Scotland, has shown the film at the “Irish Redhead Convention” and “The Redhead Days” in the Netherlands, which are the two largest redheaded gatherings in the world with about 5,000 redheads in attendance. Now on a 30-city tour in the U.S., his film screenings are creating min-gatherings of redheads wherever he goes.

“After spending my whole life as the only ginger I knew, I can’t explain how nice it is to sit down for a drink and swap stories with a bunch of other redheads,” said Harris.

The April 2 screening and after party are hosted by The League of Extraordinary Red Heads, a social club for red haired people and those who love them. Founded in Troy, N.Y. in January 2013, The League of Extraordinary Red Heads attracts about 100 people at its semi-regular gatherings.

“Contrary to urban legend, red heads are definitely not going extinct,” said LoERH Founder Duncan Crary, 35. “And after watching this movie, it’s clear to me that we never will never go extinct, because you can’t help but love gingers and our special brand of humanity.”


Following the screening in Troy, the film will open for a week long run in New York City at the Quad Cinema at 34 W 13th St., and the film will be available to purchase and download.


For information about “Being Ginger” and to watch a trailer, visit:


Publicity images:

For information about the League of Extraordinary Red Heads, see: League of Extraordinary Red Heads Forms in Troy, NY, Jan. 30 (01/11/13) and visit:

**Media can request a special password to preview the film online in advance of the screening. **


Find The League of Extraordinary Red Heads online at:


Duncan Crary, 518-274-2723, | Scott Harris,


March 13, 2014


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For Immediate Release

Contact: Corey Aldrich, 518-928-4622

Electric City Couture Fashion Show Highlights Regional Designers

April 26, 8:00 p.m. Fundraiser at Universal Preservation Hall, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (03/13/14) — The Capital Region’s largest, original juried runway fashion extravaganza will be happening this April 26 in the Spa City.

Electric City Couture and Universal Preservation Hall are proud to present the “5th Annual Electric City Couture Fashion Show — Saratoga Edition,” featuring both established and up-and-coming regional fashion designers in a juried, pure runway experience.

The evening will showcase signature collections of six regional designers and will include roughly 55 male and female models on the runway. Targeted proceeds from this year’s show will go to the ongoing restoration work of Historic Universal Preservation Hall, a year-round arts and community events venue located at 25 Washington St. in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

2014 Electric City Couture Designer Showcase Shoot - Shrine of Fashion. On location at Historic Preservation Hall in Saratoga. Photo Credit: James Pickett

“Universal Preservation Hall is a beautiful venue to showcase Upstate New York’s burgeoning fashion scene,” said Dorothy ‘Teddy’ Foster, director of Universal Preservation Hall.

The Electric City Couture mission is to provide a platform to increase awareness for regional fashion designers and fashion support industries to stimulate a regional fashion based economy.

“It is crucial that our communities show support for small business in all industries, including the arts and fashion,” said F. Michael Tucker, president and CEO of the Center for Economic Growth (CEG). “We support Electric City Couture’s goal of connecting local retailers with local designers to contribute to the creative economy of our region; which also supports these small business owners.”


Designers participating in the show include:

- Kim Vanyo of Khymanyo Studios (Saratoga Springs, N.Y.)
- ‘eko logic (Troy, NY)
- Jane Wilson Marquis (Valley Plains, N.Y.)
- Behida Millinery (Hudson, N.Y.)
- Kristina Collins Clothing (Saratoga, N.Y.)
- Gamakache Black by Margaret Persaud (Queens, N.Y.)


A new edition to this year’s show format will be the ability to “buy it off the runway” in a retail sales area that will be available both after the show on Saturday for show attendees and on Sunday, April 27, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the general public. This year’s show will be a partnership between Proctors of Schenectady, N.Y., Universal Preservation Hall and Electric City Couture. It is designed to highlight the strengths of the regional creative economy.

The Honorary Chair for the event is Julie Bonacio.

Electric City Couture is a 2440 Design Studio production.


Live DJ music will be provided by Albany-based, Nate da Great. Special entertainment features include appearances by vocalist Jill Hughes and producer/rapper John Brown aka JB Dirty Moses.


Event tickets can be purchased in advance through the Proctors Theatre Box Office starting April 1 at 432 State Street, by calling (518) 346-6204 or online at:

General admission is $15.

Special seating is available to media and fashion industry professionals including independent boutique owners with RSVP. Contact:


Partnership support will be provided by Proctors Theater, a founding partner of the show.

This year’s show is sponsored in part through the generous contributions of Sonny and Julie Bonacio, Keeler Mercedes, Skinny Girl Vodka and Lifestyles of Saratoga.


Founded in Schenectady in 2010, Electric City Couture is designed to celebrate the art of fashion, providing a platform to exhibit up-and-coming designers of the Northeast. Since its inception, the fashion organization has hosted events through New York’s greater Capital Region.

Combining entertainment and serious fashion business, the event showcases Signature Collections from up and coming Fashion Designers. It is also a regional showcase for aspiring Models, Jewelry and Accessory Designers and Hair and Makeup professionals.


Built in 1871, the Universal Preservation Hall is one of the earliest examples of High Victorian Gothic architecture anywhere in the country. It was designed by famous architect Elbridge Boyden. Its 129-foot steeple, with a giant Meneely bell forged in Troy, N.Y., is one of Saratoga Springs’ highest spires. The building is located in one of Saratoga Springs’ National Historic Districts. In 1999, in recognition of its significance, the building was designated as an “Official Project of Save America’s Treasures” by The White House Millennium Council. In 2006, it received nearly $200,000 from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Because of its importance, many luminaries attended, spoke or preached in the Hall including Theodore Roosevelt, William Jennings Bryan, Henry Ward Beecher, Frederick Douglass and William Howard Taft. The building was formerly known as the Universal Baptist Church, an historically African-American congregation. This unique association with the church provides an on-going connection with this under-served population.


For high resolution publicity images, visit:

Additional publicity images can be provided upon request.


Contact: Corey Aldrich, 518-928-4622 |


March 11, 2014


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For Immediate Release

Contact: Contact: Vic Christopher, 917-693-7430

Rensselaer Co. Legislature Passes Resolution to Oppose “Cork Tax” on Wine

Upstate County Against Proposed New York State “At Rest” Legislation

TROY, N.Y. (03/11/14) — The Rensselaer County Legislature unanimously passed a resolution tonight opposing a state law that would potentially raise prices and reduce the selection of wine now available to consumers in New York state.

A proposed New York law (A5125-2013 / S3849-2013) would require that wine and spirits sold in within the state must be warehoused “At Rest” in New York state for at least 24 hours prior to delivery. Currently, these products stop first in New Jersey warehouses.

“We thank the Rensselaer County Legislature for supporting our efforts to oppose ‘at rest’ legislation,” said Vic Christopher, co-owner of Lucas Confectionery & The Grocery, a Troy wine bar and adjacent micro-market both specializing in boutique wines. “Our business is based on natural and hand-made wines. The passing of this state law would adversely impact hundreds of New York retail shops and restaurants like ours.”

For a .pdf of the resolution, which passed 19-0, visit:

The text is as follows:

Resolution No. P/137/14


WHEREAS, This Legislative Body has long endeavored to protect the health, safety, quality of life and economic interests of those who live and work in Rensselaer County; and

WHEREAS, For generations, residents of this State have enjoyed wine, and there are numerous establishments in Rensselaer County serving wine to many customers on a daily basis in accordance with the laws of the State; and

WHEREAS, Establishments serving wine have contributed to the ongoing revitalization of the downtown of the City of Troy, attracting patrons from throughout the region; and

WHEREAS, There is currently legislation sponsored in the State Legislature to change the method of transport and storage of wine in New York State which would potentially raise prices and reduce the selection of wine now available to consumers in the State; and

WHEREAS, Under the Legislation, wine would be required to be warehoused in the State for at least 24 hours before being brought to establishments for sale; and

WHEREAS, This proposed Legislation is seen as favoring only a select number of large distributors, as smaller distributors that serve establishments in the State and this County would be forced to secure warehouses in the State, adding considerable expense and disruption to existing business plans and methods of distribution; and

WHEREAS, There is no apparent benefit to State commerce, or to the health, safety and quality of life for consumers of wine in the State, or employees of establishments that lawfully serve wine, and a number of County businesses and the New York State Farm Bureau oppose this measure; now, therefore, be it

Resolution No. P/137/14

Page No. 2 of 2

RESOLVED, This Legislative Body opposes the proposed change in State law, known in some quarters as the cork tax or “At Rest” Legislation, regarding the distribution and warehousing of wine for sale in the State, to support numerous businesses, residents and customers; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That the Clerk of this Legislative Body is hereby directed to transmit a copy of this resolution to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Kathleen Marchione, Senator Neil Breslin, Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin and Assemblyman John McDonald.


For an earlier press release with quotes by Capital Region area restaurant owners and distributors, see:

Albany Area Restaurants Oppose NYS Cork Tax Legislation
Restaurants serving boutique wines would be hurt by “At Rest” law

ALBANY, N.Y. (02/06/14)

Contact: Vic Christopher, 917-693-7430