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January 14, 2013


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For Immediate Release

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Silent Auction Features Works by Peter “The Carpenter of Troy”

End Date Jan 25, During Troy Night Out

TROY N.Y. (Jan. 14, 2013) — Peter Albrecht, 59, is known in Troy as Peter The Carpenter. This is partially because people in town have the anachronistic tendency to call folks by their first name and their trade. It’s also because there are a lot of city denizens with the same first name (esp. Peter, Nick, Tom and Dave).

But mostly it’s because Albrecht is the carpenter who built many of the “third places” in Troy, where residents and visitors relax and come alive when they are not at work and not at home.

Bacchus Wood Fired Pizza, Ryan’s Wake Public House, Daisy Baker’s, Jose Malones, Bootlegger’s on Broadway and Brown’s Brewing Co. are all places enhanced by Albrecht’s artistry.

“If you’re a Trojan, then chances are you’ve met Peter,” said Troy-based author Duncan Crary. “He’s a charismatic character, a philosopher, dreamer and storyteller who enlivens the room — whether he’s in it, or whether he built it. He enriches our lives here in town.”

Last week, Albrecht shared a taste of his charisma and rich worldview on the second episode of Crary’s new podcast series, “A Small American City.”

Now Capital Region art patrons can own some of Albrecht’s made-in-Troy personality by purchasing his one-of-a-kind works of art.

From now until Jan. 25, the featured Works of Peter Albrecht will be on silent auction at Artcentric Gallery, at 266 River Street, in downtown Troy, NY (across from the Arts Center for the Capital Region). Phone: 518-272-4278 | Web:

The items include:

Tiger maple and figured mahogany
Ideal for storing blankets.
Starting bid $500 *

Tiger maple and figured mahogany
Starting bid $400 *

Black walnut and Australian lacewood
Starting bid $400 *

Butternut and cherry
Starting bid $400 *

*$25 minimum bid increment

Top bid amounts will be posted nightly online at

Those who are interested can also make a contribution in any amount to help kickstart Peter’s latest artistic endeavor, “The Caduceus Project.” Contributions are accepted at the curator’s desk.


For professional, high resolution photos of Peter Albrecht’s chests and table for auction, visit:


Duncan Crary, 518-274-2723


January 11, 2013


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For Immediate Release

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League of Extraordinary Red Heads Forms in Troy, NY, Jan 30

Group orchestrating social “ginger” flash mobs.

TROY, N.Y. (Jan. 11, 2013) — The League of Extraordinary Red Heads is hosting its first biannual meeting in a Troy bar on the last Wednesday of this month.

“Carrot tops, orangies, strawberry blondes, auburn-types, distinguished white heads … all gingers are welcome in the League of Extraordinary Red Heads,” said founder Duncan Crary, 34.

League of Extraordinary Red Heads PosterOn Wednesday, Jan. 30, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Crary will host a gathering of the fair-haired at Bootlegger’s on Broadway in downtown Troy (200 Broadway). The evening will feature drink specials and free pub snacks for red heads, and a brief discussion of “official” League business. Kenneth “Kenny Red” DuBois, of Bootleggers, will be tending bar. The event is for ages 21 and over. There is no admission fee.

“Our formal agenda is concise: 1) Us. 2) Them,” said Crary, who jokingly refers to the non-red-haired population as The 98 Percent. “Basically it’s just going to be a bunch of red heads in the same place, all drinking and yawping at happy hour.”

Though the League is one of the most exclusive – only one to two percent of the world has red hair – the meeting will be held in the main barroom, where all shades of hair color are welcome to join in the fun and observe the spectacle of the “Red Tide.”

“But these gingers kick back,” Crary warned, in tongue-in-cheek reference to the recent South Park-inspired school bully practice of kicking red-haired children (and also in reference to stereotypes, which may or may not be true, about the propensity of the red-haired types to imbibe). “So keep your feet on the floor.”

Though Crary expects the League will quickly sprout chapters around the world, the Troy-based author believes his hometown is the right place for the movement to be headquartered.

“We’re crawling with gingers here in the Collar City,” he said. “And contrary to urban legend and pseudo science, we are definitely not going extinct. Though I don’t say that to discourage those who wish to further propagate our species.”

In addition to bi-annual meetings of the League, Crary plans to orchestrate semi-surprise congregations of red heads at various locations throughout the year. He calls these gatherings “Red Tides,” and likens them to flash mobs without the choreographed dancing.

“Not since age of the Vikings have roving bands of red heads posed more of a threat to world order,” Crary joked. “But we’ll gladly forgo sacking cities for drink specials and free pub grub.”

The true purpose of the League, Crary says, is just for people to have a little fun with being a little different from the norm. Not everyone will get the joke, he said, but it’s all in good fun.

“Because we always stand out, red heads can never hide in a crowd or at the back of the classroom,” Crary said. “So we learn to have fun under scrutiny. Some people call that being ‘fiery,’ and we do tend to be an excitable bunch. But that’s also the reason why so many prominent figures in history have had crimson locks.”

Crary also notes that the League of Extraordinary Red Heads is not to be confused with the Red-Headed League of Sherlock Holmes fame. “We’re far more extraordinary than those gingers.”


Find the League online at:


High resolution publicity images can be downloaded at

Photo ops with red heads for preview media coverage can be arranged.


Duncan Crary, 518-274-2723


January 8, 2013


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For Immediate Release

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New Podcast Brings Troy to the World

“A Small American City” by author Duncan Crary

TROY, N.Y. (Jan. 8, 2013)– A new podcast series is bringing the voices, stories, history and urban fabric of Troy, New York to a global audience. “A Small American City,” hosted and produced by author Duncan Crary, 34, aims to re-acquaint listeners with the joys, benefits and daily rhythms of small city living.

A Small American City podcast logo“A lot of Americans only think of giant metropolitan areas like New York as ‘The City.’ But our smaller cities were once very vibrant urban centers, built at a rewarding human scale, and I believe they will be that way again as events unfold,” Crary said. “It’s not just the number of people or the concentration of buildings that make a city. It’s also the quality of characters that enliven the place.”

In recent years, Troy has been gradually coming back to life as new business owners and residents “re-discover” and “re-colonize” the former industrial city on the Hudson River, Crary says. Rising fuel prices and a faltering economy are contributing to a new shift toward urban living, but Crary also notes that many younger Americans are rejecting the suburban values of previous generations in favor of small city life. In many ways, he sees his adopted city of Troy as a universal stand-in for all small American cities. But Troy also has qualities that make it uniquely poised for success according to Crary, and he intends to explore that theme through his show.

“A Small American City,” is the third podcast series Crary has launched in eight years. His previous two series — featuring his face-to-face interviews with Sir Salman Rushdie, E.O. Wilson, Christopher Hitchens and other notable thinkers — attracted more than 10,000 regular weekly listeners around the world. Already with more than 3,000 Nielson-verified listens in its first 10 days, Crary expects the same reach for his latest offering.

This August, after four years and more than 200 episodes, Crary stepped back from producing and hosting a popular weekly podcast series “The KunstlerCast,” featuring his conversations with social critic James Howard Kunstler, author of “The Geography of Nowhere” and “The Long Emergency.” Crary and Kunstler often used the urban fabric of Troy to observe and comment on the urban design topics of their podcast discussions. In Nov. 2011, Crary authored a book based on that series, “The KunstlerCast: Conversations with James Howard Kunstler…the tragic comedy of suburban sprawl,” (New Society Publishers).

“Although we would benefit from more people relocating to Troy, the purpose of the podcast is not necessarily to entice listeners to move here,” Crary said. “We’ve got a pretty charming scene going on in our small city, in spite of our struggles, and I want other people in other small cities to be inspired to foster a similar sprit where they are.”

Already, Crary has heard from fans across the country and from as far away as New Zealand, Tokyo, United Arab Emirates and Sweden.

“A Small American City” features spoken-word essays and conversations with a cast of characters who bring Troy to life. The first three episodes feature guests James Howard Kunstler, novelist/attorney Jack Casey and Peter Albrecht, a carpenter who built many of the barrooms of Troy where people come to life after work and before heading home. Future episodes will feature the tug boat sailors of Troy, a family raising children downtown, and the creators of the “Enjoy Troy!” meme.

“The conversations on this show have an intimate feel to them because I know the guests, intimately,” Crary said. “That’s intentional. I want listeners to feel like welcome eavesdroppers, which is how I felt when I first arrived in Troy ten years ago.”

As with The KunstlerCast, Crary plans to sell advertisements and underwriting spots once the audience reaches a critical mass. Listeners may also donate to support the program. In the future, he also plans to host on-stage live audience events featuring interviews with new and previous guests.


To listen to “A Small American City,” visit: or use the listen app on Subscribe to the program for free in the iTunes store.


“Duncan Crary wrangles these free-wheeling conversations masterfully,” — Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of “Freakonomics” and “SuperFreakonomics.”

“…some of the smartest, most honest urban commentary around — online or off.” — Michele Wilson, “Columbia Journalism Review.”


For high resolution publicity images, visit:


Duncan Crary, 518-274-2723