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April 25, 2012


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For Immediate Release

Contact: Joe Glick (518) 857-5186


Kokopellis Open House April 27 During Troy Night Out

TROY, NY (04/25/12) – This Friday during Troy Night Out, the city’s newest hotspot is hosting an Open House for guests to explore each of the three levels of Kokopellis nightclub at 124 Fourth St.

Kokopellis Open House Poster

“My hope is to make this a destination nightclub,” said Joe Glick, 34, co-owner of Kokopellis, a the three-level club building near the corner of Congress and Fourth St. “Our goal at Kokopellis is to provide everything that the patrons want to keep them here: music, TV, food, drinks, sports, dancing and a high-end lounge.”

Glick and his father, Barry Glick, purchased the building in August for $325,000. After lawyer fees, taxes and renovations, Glick says they invested a total of $500,000 in the property, which was formerly known as the Troy City Tavern.

Each level of the building has a maximum capacity of 99 people. The first-level features a comfortable sports bar lounge with exposed brick and hardwood floors. Catering is supplied by I Love New York Pizza and The Brown Bag. The second-level dance club features a polished floor, a high-end sound system, a newly upgraded DJ booth and, according to Glick, the hottest intelligent laser light show in the Capital Region. The third level is a high-end lounge, with a granite bar and comfortable couches.

“All of the renovations we made were to make the space more inviting,” Glick said, joking that that the third-floor previously looked like a bad scene from a 1970′s disco before renovating.

A native of Niskayuna, Glick is also well-known as “DJ Joey G,” who began his career as an entertainer working at Starbursts roller skating rink in Clifton Park. He continued to DJ while studying at SUNY Oswego, working for a large entertainment business in Syracuse. Afterwards, he returned to the Capital Region to launch his own mobile DJ business, DJ Joey G Entertainment, which now manages the musical entertainment for Kokopellis nightclub.

Glick said he first became interested in Troy and its potential while DJ’ing for the popular but short-lived Meka’s lounge in the River Street Entertainment District.

“I never really paid too much attention to Troy before I started DJ’ing at Meka’s and I saw what potential the place has. We had 600 people show up there in the middle of a snow storm,” Glick said. “I’m hoping with the right marketing and word of mouth we can recapture that scene at Kokopellis.”


Kokopellis serves those who serve. All armed forces, police, fire, medical and emergency personnel receive an automatic 10 percent off their entire bar bill with a valid identification card. Hospitality employees receive $1.50 off drinks every night after 11 p.m.


Kokopelli is a southwestern native American god of fertility, usually depicted playing a flute, who is known to bring joy through music and dance. The deity appears in murals and on embroidered stools throughout the club, which has a subtle southwestern flavor in its decor, color scheme and drink menu featuring spicy martinis.


April 27
Troy Night Out
Open House
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Age 21+

April 27
Lights Out After Troy Night Out
Dance Party Featuring DJ Demand
9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Ages 21+

May 8
Zero-Alcohol Dance Party
7 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Age 18 +

May 9
End of Semester Dance Party
DJ Joey G Entertainment
9 p.m. till 2 a.m.
Age 21+


Ladies Night & Kokopellis Karaoke
Every Wednesday Night
9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Kokopellis Karaoke
Every Sunday Night
8 p.m. to 12 a.m.


For information, visit: or call 518-326-3024

Contact: Joe Glick (518) 857-5186


April 20, 2012


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For Immediate Release

Contact: Joe Glick (518) 857-5186

Troy Nightclub Offers Alcohol-Free Fun for College Students – May 8, 2012

End of Semester Dance Party for Ages 18 and Over at Kokopellis

TROY, NY (04/20/12) – The owner of a Troy nightclub is working with local students to offer a no-alcohol dance party experience this Tuesday, May 8, from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

“There are just too many issues with over/under events where alcohol is served. So we are designing an 18 and over club night for the sole purpose of giving college students a safe place to go and dance where absolutely no alcohol is served,” said Joe Glick, owner of Kokopellis night club. “Our bouncers will not allow anyone in the club who is visibly under the influence.”

Glick, 34, purchased the three-story club building with his father Barry Glick in August. While the first floor sports lounge and third floor VIP lounge have stocked bars on them, both will be closed and locked during the alcohol-free event. Instead, only the second-story dance floor will be open, and will be accessible only through its own separate street-level entrance. The dance club can accommodate 99 people at one time and features a high-end sound system and the hottest intelligent laser light show in the Capital Region. There will be no re-admittance for this event.

Graduating RPI senior Chris Low, 21, who first approached Glick with the idea of hosting a no-alcohol dance party at the club, considers the event his parting present to the younger students.

“When I was a freshman, the student policies weren’t as strict as now,” Low said, citing new college regulations and city laws regarding college parties and noise complaints. “Essentially the social scene at RPI has become non-existent unless you are over 21.”

Low does have an occasional drink now that he’s 21, but says he takes pride in being responsible and is usually the sober, designated driver for his friends.

“Although some students think otherwise, alcohol and fun are not necessarily intertwined,” said Low. “I want to show that you can have fun without alcohol.”

Low expects to draw most club goers to the event from the RPI student population, but students from any area college are invited to attend.

He is currently attempting to raise $3,600 to make the event entirely free for those who attend. His costs include a $2,500 rental fee for the club, $400 for the DJ, $400 for an RPI shuttle to bring students to and from the club, $250 for food, and $50 for incidental costs.

Donations by check should be made to Kokopellis Nightclub, with “Zero Alcohol Party” in the memo. Mail to: Kokopellis, 124 4th St. Troy, NY 12180. Online donations by PayPal or Credit Card can be made at:

Low is also currently seeking event sponsorships from businesses and nonprofits. If he does not reach his fundraising goal, there may be an admission fee for the event.

For information and updates, visit:

If there is interest from the college community, Glick says he would be willing to host similar alcohol-free events next year.

On the following night, Wednesday, May 9, all three levels of Kokopellis will be open for a 21 and over end of the school year party featuring entertainment by DJ Joey G Entertainment.

“We’re trying to provide something for the entire college community,” Glick said. “On Tuesday, we have the alcohol-free party for students under 21. On Wednesday, we’ll host a party for the 21 and over students who want to drink responsibly.”


Kokopellis will host an Open House from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, April 27 during Troy Night Out. All three levels of the club, including the first floor sports bar, the second floor dance club, and the third floor high-end VIP lounge, will be open to the public so that visitors can fully explore Troy’s newest hot spot.

For information, visit: or call 518-326-3024

Media Contacts:

Joe Glick (518) 857-5186 | Chris Low (310) 699-0149