Dutch Apple Riverboat Commute to Work Day

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the News

Media coverage about the Dutch Apple Hudson River Commuter Cruise.

In addition to the links below, the following media outlets reported on our event: WRGB CBS 6, WNYT News Channel 13, WTEN News 10, PYX 106.

Foss Forward: Biking on the river
Daily Gazette
May 15, 2009
(Four paragraphs about commuter cruise)

Dutch Apple Hudson River Commute
Times Union SEEN
May 14, 2009

Commuters ride the waves to work
Capital News 9 (story & video)
May 13, 2009

Dutch Apple Commuter Day
Troy Record (video & photos)
May 13, 2009

Sales lag for commute on Hudson River today
Times Union
May 13, 2009
(Duncan says: Clever article, crummy headline.)

Foss Forward: Commute to Work on the Hudson
Daily Gazette
May 7, 2009

WRPI 91.5 FM Troy
The Walter Goldberg Hours
May 4, 2009
Duncan Crary will be on the air with host Daryn Ramsden from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Cruising, for commuters
Times Union
May 3, 2009

88.3 The Saint
May 1, 2009
Duncan talked with Jimmy & Ann about the commuter cruise.

810 WGY
Joe Gallagher
April 25, 2009
Joe Gallagher talked with Duncan Crary about the commuter cruise.

Cruising to Work
All Over Albany
April 24, 2009

My other car’s a boat?
The Business Review
April 23, 2009

The KunstlerCast
"Episode #61: Getting to Work"
April 23, 2009
Duncan talks with author James Howard Kunstler about the commuter cruise.